Quilts from Art Auctions

Quilts from Art Auctions

Quilts from Art Auctions – In 1820, the Christian missionaries arrived in Hawaii and brought the art of sewing and quilting. Ancient Hawaiian fabric calling kapa beaters fiber is made by hand from local plants, then dye and decorate it with forms and geometric patterns inspired by nature. The people of Hawaii quickly adopted the Customs and add their own artistic style, combining the culture of Hawaii as use in the making of kapa and elements of the world around them. So the textile tradition of this unique Hawaiian born.

It takes hours and hours sewing and stitching detail to patients of complex applications. Bright colors mixed with radial symmetry design that often focuses on the natural beauty of Hawaii, such as ferns, flowers, leaves, and fruit. Some of the the experienced veterinary team popular motif is a variation on orchids, hibiscus, Sumeria, ginger, breadfruit, pineapple, and kukui (candle nut).

In fact, Hawaiian Quilts are not only created for artistic purposes. The overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 and the following events brings new era in making a quilt. At the time when expressing symbols of the monarchy is regarded as treason, quilts used to empower the people of Hawaii and as a silent resistance against the American occupation. This era saw the design that includes the coating of arms of Hawaii, crowns, flags, and chili (symbol of the chiefs and nobles).

One of the iconic icons from this period is the Gill’Oakland Queen blankets the colorful, known as The Queen’s Quilt, that can be seen in Roland Palace, the seat of the monarchy. It was sewn for 10 months in jail at the Court and showing key events in the history of Hawaii, date, Ribbon, and the names of some of his supporters.

Today, quilting is still an important part of local culture. They are often given as gifts — something that is valued and passed down from generation to generation — to the newly married couples or to welcome a newborn. In addition to the blanket, the locals also sew Christmas stockings, pillows, bags, table runners, and pillows with the same style.

Visitors can see the historical Hawaiian quilt Art Museum in Honolulu, the Museum of the Bishop, the farm Museum Parker, Kauai, Museum and the Museum of Home missions. If you are not on the island, the Hawaiian Quilt research project has been photographing and documenting many of the art works of this colorful, all available for viewing online.